Your brand tells your customers who you are, about your products or services and what they can expect from you. A brand stylist is a creative strategist who specializes in creating visual elements and a vision that will reflect the type of clientele that you would like to attract. Branding is a crucial part of creating and increasing your business. As a business owner, your time should be spent focusing on your customers and creating new products. Hiring a professional to do this work for you will be less stressful and will also give you back the time you need to run your business efficiently. Most importantly, it will be done correctly!

1) Branding is the most important Business investment
Branding is more than just graphics - it is what a client feels when they see your products, view your website, spot your logo, communicate with you, etc. Since branding is your single most important investment you can make in your business, having a professional, well rounded appearance is crucial in an over saturated internet market.

2) Strategy
Branding is strategic. While graphics play an important role, brand strategy centers around how you will communicate with your clients, visually and verbally. This includes how you will appear on social media, the way your emails are structured, etc.
The type of clientele you would like to attract will base how you will strategically place your business in the market. Client trust is the most important part of any brand strategy and your stylist can give you the ways to achieve this for your business.

​3) Target Your Ideal Client
Your brand stylist will do a deep dive into your ideal client, where they shop, how old they are, what they are looking for, etc. and will be able to give you a better perspective. Branding involves the entire client experience, from the moment they click on your website to when you are thanking them for their business.

Corporate Styling & Visual Branding 

Wardrobe Stylist and Writer for 1st Mpressions Marketing Video  

Corporate Styling 

Visual Branding 

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Wardrobe Stylist for VISA Commercial  

Is your staff currently projecting the best impression on your internal and external clients? Is the company’s brand reputation being damaged due to the lack of professionalism and bad image displayed by employees? Could your company be losing customers and  potential clients to your competition as a result of the staff’s poor corporate image or etiquette?

​A professional and experienced consultant will help develop each team member’s  personal brand, align to work and company goals and branding and also provide powerful tools and guidelines how to behave  in such a manner that is appropriate to every  situation. By building on your presence, self-confidence and approach you can improve on your credibility as well as secure business deals, develop a uniform business brand and gain access to new business and career opportunities that you might have otherwise missed. My key focus is to provide you and your staff with powerful skills related to personal branding, corporate image, etiquette,  communication and professionalism in the workplace.

I will ensure that existing and potential clients are:
1) Amazed by the way the staff represents their personal and company brand
2) Impressed by your team’s image excellence
3) Inspired by their business etiquette and professionalism.