I like to think of an image transformation like building a house. We first lay the foundation by defining your colors & style, and then build on that important insight to help our work together be more successful and effective. Following the flow of my four-step process truly gives you the best results, and I encourage my clients to follow the below sequence. That said, if you’re only interested in specific services you can certainly book those a la carte as well. Please contact me with any questions!

#1: Color Analysis

- Learn Your Power Colors & Ideal Shades

We determine your ideal color palette of shades that will always make you look your best and learn which ones to avoid. Always the first step in your transformation. We start by determining your “ideal colors” – shades that will always look great on you and make you look your best. You’ll leave with a clear understanding of your color palette, which you can immediately use to “shop your own closet” – to start mixing and matching outfits!

​#2: Style Development

- Discover Your Ideal Fabrics, Silhouettes, Cuts, Proportions & More
We develop your style formula based on various style elements, like ideal cuts, silhouettes, fabrics, patterns & style personality. In this insightful session, we explore what makes your individual style unique and authentic. We’ll discuss your style personality, image goals, figure type, face shape, proper proportions, as well as your ideal silhouettes, cuts, fabrics and more. We’ll then come up with an action plan for further image & personal style development.

​#3: Closet Edit
- Build Outfits From What You Have, And Identify What’s Missing
We edit your wardrobe so that you’re left with only clothes you love and wear, and put together outfits with those pieces. This session is an objective, thorough evaluation of the clothes in your closet, 2 seasons at a time (Spring+Summer, Fall+Winter). We’ll review and analyze every piece based on the style elements we discussed in the Style Development Session, and each item will end up in a specific category: “Yes” (keep), “No” (discard), “Maybe” (tailor/replace later). The result is empowering and liberating. You’ll end up with a “working closet” – where every outfit looks great on you, fits you perfectly, and gets you excited every day about getting dressed. We’ll also build a “needs list” –  a shopping list of items that are missing from your closet that will be acquired in subsequent personal shopping sessions.

​#4: Personal Shopping
- Together We’ll Make Shopping Fun, Easy And Efficient
Armed with your “needs list”, we go on an organized and efficient shopping spree to purchase the missing pieces for your wardrobe. This is a dynamic and fun shopping session at a series of predetermined clothing stores – chosen based on your “needs list”, budget, style and goals. I will often do a pre-shop, to save you time and maximize the effectiveness of the session. That means you will arrive to a private dressing room that’s already filled with clothes you can start trying on right away. Alternatively, I can bring all clothing, shoes and accessories to your home or business. The benefit of this session is twofold: you’ll walk away with amazing pieces and outfits that all compliment your unique style, and you’ll also learn tips and tricks to become a savvier, more efficient shopper when shopping on your own in the future.

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What does a Personal Stylist do?

- By: Amanda Styles

Personal stylists work with their clients to define his or her individual style. To start the process, you'll meet with your clients for a consultation to establish their desired appearance and lifestyle. You'll go through their closet and remove dated pieces and shop for clothes that will help create new styles and conquer past insecurities. After you've collected all the necessary pieces, you'll create full outfits from head to toe, and photograph the ensemble so your clients will have a complete look every time they get dressed.